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Hey there! I'm Olivia.
I graduated from Brown University in Spring 2020 with a double major in computer science and music, and I currently work as a Security Consultant at NetSPI.


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Hi! šŸ‘‹ Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Olivia Langley, and I'm a recent graduate of the computer science program at Brown University in Providence, RI.

My first exposure to programming was playing around with an early version of Scratch back in elementary school. I was completely fascinated, and spent hours designing overly complicated mazes and painstakingly drawing my own custom sprites. Despite this early introduction to the ~wonders of code~, I didn't seriously start considering computer science as a career option until the summer before my freshman year of college, when I stumbled upon a documentary about recent developments in cybersecurity. I was hooked immediately, to the point that I decided — almost overnight — that I wanted to major in computer science.

In Summer 2019 I was an intern on the Information Security team at Qorvo, and in Spring 2020 I was a Head TA for CSCI1660 (Computer Systems Security). Since January 2021 I've been working as a Security Consultant at NetSPI, a penetration testing company based in Minneapolis.

Outside of computer science, Iā€™m a big fan of live looping, classic rock, and cheering on my college a cappella group from afar. I also consider myself a semi-professional Stardew Valley player, and like to spend my free time attempting to break the game by min/max-ing as much as humanly possible.


Brown University, Providence, RI
September 2015 - May 2020
Sc.B. - Computer Science, Music

Relevant Coursework:

  • Computational Molecular Biology
  • Computer Systems Security
  • Creating Modern Web Applications
  • Cybersecurity and International Relations
  • Deep Learning
  • Discrete Structures and Probability
  • Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Introduction to Computer Systems
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Logic for Systems
  • Software Security and Exploitation
  • User Interfaces and User Experience

Technical Skills:


Security Consultant @ NetSPI
2021 - Present
Portland, OR
  • Coming soon!!
Head Teaching Assistant @ Brown CS
Spring 2020
Providence, RI
  • Hired, trained, and coordinated staff of 11 graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants
  • Guest lectured on the intersection of security and usability, and presented demos of real-world security techniques to a class of ~80 students
  • Revamped code for several large scale hands-on security projects, and updated other written homework assignments and lecture content
  • Held weekly 1 on 1 TA hours to help students with conceptual and debugging questions
Information Security Intern @ Qorvo
Summer 2019
Hillsboro, OR
  • Collaborated with the IT Security team to automate phishing response procedures, facilitate network threat investigation, and engage with users across the company
  • Gained experience in analyzing potential phishing emails using a variety of techniques and resources
  • Developed several Python scripts to assist with the team's day-to-day operations
Software Engineering Intern @ Qorvo
Summer 2017, Summer 2018
Hillsboro, OR
  • Worked with the Factory Data Systems team to design a web program for employees to keep track of material allocation/factory workflow
  • Met with employees to identify existing needs, and implemented fine-grained authorizations for different database actions
  • Conducted thorough documentation and logging on multiple levels